Senior Management

Sigurd L. Lamhauge

Division of Organisation and Development

Thomas Magnussen
Head of Division

The main duties of the Division of Organisation and Development encompass the management of Human Resources tasks, employee administration, office administration, legal as well as health, safety and environmental (HSE) expertise and know-how and IT.

The Division of Organisation and Development takes care of Human Resources tasks such as the development of employee resources within the institution, in close cooperation with the other departments, focusing on creating growth and success within the work place. In addition to this, the department also manages office administration, hereunder IT assignments, archiving, public insight, expropriation and more. 

Division of Infrastructure

Dan Sofus Hofgaard
Head of Division

The main task is to advise, plan, specify, approve harbours, landing places and main roads. For example the department plans future road layouts and organizes the planning of sounds and fjords. The department also administrates other areas such as cleanup work from oil spills, harbour safety, lighthouse supervision, fish farming areas and airport issues.

Landsverk is a technical institution under the Ministry of Finance and oversees many different tasks. The institution is the authority for the main roads and the main harbours. More specifically, the Division’s infrastructural tasks are these:

  • The national transportation network
  • Maintaining passenger ports and nationwide harbours, ocean floor maps, nautical charts and authoritative assignments in connection with municipal lighthouses, as well as approving ISPS harbours
  • Emergency preparedness in connection with oil spills on the ocean
  • The planning of airport conditions in the Faroes 
  • Various other technical issues for the country and municipalities

Division of Design and Construction

Sigurð Ó. Vang
Head of Division

The Division of Design and Construction is the builder of roads, buildings, harbours and helipads. It also sees to larger reconstruction work and renovations.

In addition, the department sees to all maintenance of public buildings. The department also has the duty to approve all rental agreements of public buildings.

With reference to new construction, the department’s duty is to analyze and prioritize demands attached to the project. This is always done with consideration to functionality, aesthetics and quality standards so that the job at hand receives the best possible framework

Division of Operations

Jann Dam Frandsen
Head of Division

The Division of Operations works alongside the different departments and can in many ways be called a service division. It has specialized knowledge and a service that the other divisions use and benefit from.

The main objective is to produce and sell different sorts of stone, gravel and asphalt mixtures to municipalities, companies and individuals. Winter maintenance is another main task as well as operation and maintenance of the infrastructure as such. To keep all the machinery and vehicles up and running is yet another task as well as the administration of heliports.

Division of Finance

Jenny Maria Fosaa Syderbø
Head of Division

The divison advises the other departments on the financial conditions, improves the financial administration and sees to it that appropriation agreements are kept.