Weather Data

Landsverk runs 27 weather stations nationwide. Statistics from most of the stations date back to 2006, but some statistics go further back to 1998. The stations measure wind direction, wind speed (average wind and whirlwinds are measured every ten minutes), air temperature, air pressure and precipitation. Many of the weather stations also measure road temperature, condensation on roads, black ice and salt. The weather data (raw data) is used for various purposes, for example:

• The foundation for certain projects and for calculating time-waste and other things related to building.
• Documentation in connection with injuries, accidents and more.
• Calculating precipitation
• Weather studies and measurements
• Airspace studies

Map of Weather Stations
Weather Statistics

Equipment that is usually used in our weather stations is:

• Anemometer: Vaisala, VS 425
• Thermometer: Vaisala, HMP 155D
• Hygrometer: Vaisala, HMP 155D
• Barometer: Vaisala, PMD 110
• Rain gauge: Vaisala, DRD 11A

When providing weather data, the information about the specific equipment used is given upon request.

More Information
Information about provision time, revision of data, cost and more can be acquired by contacting the Department of infrastructure. The main rule is that a certain fee is paid for all data from Landsverk.