Tourist Routes in the
Faroe Islands


Tourists routes in the Faroe Islands are called Sóljuleiðir (Buttercup routes), named after the Faroese national flower. On tourist routes you can drive slowly and enjoy the trip and the stunning surrounding nature without disturbing the traffic on the main roads.

On Soljuleiðir you will experience the most breathtaking views and spectacular nature. Each route has its own quality, which makes it special and worth visiting.

For cars only

The following routes are suited for cars only and not trailers or campers:

  • Runt Agnið
  • Hestin
  • Múlaleið
  • Between Tjørnuvík and Haldórsvík


Passing places

Several routes are single lane roads with passing places, allowing oncoming traffic to pass. Please notice and bear in mind, that parking on passing places is strictly forbidden.

Winter traffic

When driving in the Faroes in the winter season, we recommend all drivers to check the driving conditions in advance. You can check the weather and driving conditions on our website.

Please notice that no winter maintenance, salting or snow removal is on the following Sóljuleiðum/tourist routes:

  • Hestin
  • Hovsegg
  • Gamli Viðareiðsvegurin
  • Eiðiskarð